What You Don’t See


Xheraldina Gjelaj

  • Everything you can see in a restaurant, there is a great dedication and there is a tireless work of all those who work there


  •  In fact, behind those foods are the specialists who prepare them, behind every dessert there are people who give the sweetness from their heart for sweets, behind every dish and glass placed on the table there are hands that wash them and hands that dry them, people  never tired of the work they do, people who give their heart to foods for customers, those who even Why can have many problems in their lives there stay smiling to make everyone feel good.
  •  Working in a restaurant can make you understand your dad’s fatigue and mom’s chores. 
  • In my photos you can see things that may not be clean but if you want to see it up close, it is different to look at it, everything is difficult to achieve just like a special dish in a restaurant. 
  • I can tell you, do not pass your adolescence without trying to work in a restaurant, there you can understand
    • • respect • calmness • trust • company • family.