Life Bring Loss


Fatou Kane

A good friend is that person with whom one can share their secrets, experiences and feelings. They also guide, support and help you when you are in trouble. That was the case with my lovely friend Korotoum Dao. Korotoum was not only a friend to me but a sister and a cousin because our families are related.  Since 2018 we have known each other in Liberty High School, she was the kind of person that can do anything to help her friends and make them happy. But everything changed on Friday June 16 2021  when her husband announced that she died in a car accident with her unborn baby.  I remember two weeks before she died we hung out with our other friends, we spent a good time together that day. She  was so happy and she even told us that after we finish eating in the restaurant we can go to the ice cream shop that we saw on tik tok. I want to enjoy these moments with you guys because friendship is a golden piece of the world and I hope you guys will enjoy the relationship with your friend before they leave. 

 Pictures were taken in New York before she got married from 2018 to June 2021.