Postponed future

Paul Ehui Yepie

Is life a beautiful painting of yourself made by Leonard Da Vinci or a sliding mountain cover with rock falling down?

Either way life always has two sides; the hard part and the pleasant one, and all aspire to one day be on the pleasant side. In our present day vigorous students who are not bright but passionate to learn and eager to change their situation are now blocked and filled with despair. Most of them are not restrained by circumstance and difficulties of life, especially seniors who are in their way of graduation and want to pursue the American dream, the sweetness and pleasant view of life that Uncle Sam promises to all. Those brave warriors are punching back by the weight and cost of college.

Facing this crisis the government should send more money and grant money for those needy students who are going to college. This financial help should help them cover their tuition, limit their work hours and allow them to be more focused in class.

Seniors who decide to go to college need to pay tuition, although some students might receive scholarships and grant money to help them with it. According to The Armstrong Advisory Group Advisory Group, “only 11% of students are able to pay their tuition. Which, using the powers of math, tells us that 89% of students don’t pay the list price to go to college.” This teaches us that more students would follow their dream and drop everything on their way to success.  However, does  society not tell us that  school is the way to a safe future?

So how can we assure the future when we don’t have the opportunity nor support to do it. That is why we need scholarship and grant support from the government to continue to dream and build our future. It will not only help us with our tuition, but it is a weight off from the parents’ backs or students without any relatives. A breath of hope and release, and a sign of inspiration which would motivate us to do better and keep up the good work.

Moreover financial aid would or not cover all needs of the student, but it would limit their job hours. Unfortunately Caribay Suarez Garcia, vice president student at liberty high school and senior said that “I am so sad to not be able to receive any scholarship from the government, I will have to work double after graduation and may stop one year in order to save enough for a normal college year”. Although scholarship and tuition will allow students to spend more time focusing on their work and study, to continue their academic progress and to be more focused in class. Mouhamed Bakhsih a student at John  Jay college said that “I did receive a scholarship for this college year, which allows me to go to college and take care of some of my expenses”. This means that the financial aid sent by the government would not be wasted, the student would be devoted to their work and progress in their career. 

We must not forget that the loan is credit that sometimes puts college students from college in heavy debt and enormous problems. We should not forget a loan is a borrowed money that must be returned. According to Urban Institute “ Each year, 30 to 40 percent of all undergraduate students take federal student loans; 70 percent of students who receive a bachelor’s degree have education debt by the time they graduate.” 


Are you not for education for all? For good action? Are you not willing to help all those brave young future presidents, advocates , judges and doctors to be able to serve in society and help the community to grow?

It is an act of humanity and a help that offers a future to many students with outstretched harms who are willing  to receive it.

Scholarship and grant money are not only one way to help students who are going to college but it is a way the government can show their support and encouragement to the new generation of young workers, calling for a better life and the realization of the American dream.

For that, the government should open more organization and sent enough funding to support the tuition and funding for the students that will go to college.