Be Free (To Wear Outfits You Want)


Evelyn Pilamunga

Many teens love to wear and try different outfits on different occasions, at school, at work, on a date, and anywhere, but now we are going to talk about Liberty High School Teen Outfits.

In public and private schools, can everyone wear what they want?

Liberty high school is a public school, where high school students love to look unique and original, students are from different countries and have a different style of wearing traditional clothes of their country and share their cultures on school programs. In public schools students are not forced to wear the uniform.

They can wear the clothes they want and show their style. No one can force you to wear clothes you don’t want, for example, African girls, Arab girls have very unique outfits representative of their culture of origin and no one is going to prevent them from continuing to wear their outfits. They, like others, are free to wear what they want and make them feel comfortable and free from insecurities.

Public schools do not have uniforms because students have every right to feel free and not be pressured to wear uniforms that can cause some insecurities but some students of Liberty High School give their opinions about school uniforms.

Liberty High School student Jennifer P. says,  “I’d rather wear the uniform than wear different clothes every day because every morning is like what I’m going to wear today! and if we had some ideas or support from some teachers for the school to have a uniform could be cool, so I could avoid destroying the closet every morning.”

Jenifer Poaquiza, another student from Liberty High School gives her opinion on whether the school should have a uniform or not, she says,  “I don’t like wearing the school uniform because of the discomfort and being forced to wear it every day, not having a uniform at school is more comfortable because you can wear clothes that you want and how you want to wear it and others respect your outfit by the way reduces pressure on fashion brands and personal image.”


Students can get inspiration for their outfits from social media influencers, new fashions, magazines, singers, or just create a unique and different style.

What about respect the cultures of the other classmates and the rules of the school?

Maria Moposita is a  parent of liberty high school.  She says her opinion is “school needs to have a uniform to show order and discipline, equality, improves school performance than economic savings.” 

Here in Liberty high school, a public school , nobody no one is forced to wear a uniform. Everyone can wear whatever outfits they want, the same ways the teacher and students always have when they have to respect the cultures of the other classmates and respect the rules of the school.

In addition, not wearing the uniform does not make you less of a student, because there are students who wear uniforms are recognized as having more money and have more study knowledge than public schools, you can wear the clothes you want (the clothes you use does not define your school knowledge and who you are).

In summary school world is very interesting and funny you can experiment find new language apart english, when you’re in public school you meet new people, new culture, you don’t need wear a uniform and nobody can force that you make something that you don’t want, Liberty high school shows how all teacher and classmates respect each traditions outfits, opinions, help improve study and also they are so kind.