Work Life Balance of Mothers


Massa Keita

Having a baby is a blessing that most women(married or single) should know about. The joy of being a mother can increase chances of bringing happiness to the family. However, not every woman can have the opportunity to give birth. There are two categories of mom that one encounters in this society. As seen in New York, single moms and married moms are often faced with a common problem which is taking care of their children.

Lack of time is one problem for some mothers. Lack of time for mom is that they don’t have time for themselves because of child care .  “Since I gave birth to my son I don’t have more time’’ said Mariam Soumahoro, a homecare employee. Mariam, 24,  is a single mother that used to hangout with her friends and have more fun before she got pregnant, now she has to take care of her son and give him a better education, 


Imbalanced life is another issue for mothers which means that they don’t have time to focus on a lot of things.  Maintaining a balance between parenting duties and work are fairly stressful. Most women have problems maintaining a balance between jobs , taking care of their children and doing house chores. According to  Mrs. Hawa Sanogo, 25, a nurse, “Before I used to be more focused on my career than spending more time with my childrens”said Ms.Sanogo “I see that my children suffer a lot because they don’t get more time and love from me” she continued now they don’t even listen to me when I told them to stop something. 

Being a role model for your children is also one of the most important for mothers, role models can be  someone a child aspires to be and therefore imitates.  As a parent you are the ultimate role model for your child because he or she is watching and learning from you to be a good person one day. According to Miss Fatima Kone, a 1st grade teacher states that “  I always make sure that I have a stronger relationship with my children and be a role model for them because I want them to seek my guidance and value my opinions”.

Overall to balance their imbalanced life and become an effective mom for their children, they have to preplan the ways of performing the essential duties.