Lebron James and his Haters


Junior Fernandez

For a long time all people compared Lebron James with Michael Jordan because when the year Michael Jordan retired,  was Lebron’s first year in the NBA. He seemed like a replacement for the legend of MJ.


All the people in the NBA community began to see that a new successor to Michael Jordan was coming but as you know on social media all the people say that Michael Jordan was better than Lebron James even though Lebron currently broke all Jordan’s records.  Currently Lebron James has broken the record as the second highest scorer in the NBA in all history and is the leader and only in the club to have 30,000 points, 10,000 assists and 10,000 rebounds that makes him the best player of this decade with a 19 years already career as a professional player. 

Lebron James has been criticized throughout his career because he has changed teams 3 times.  He started for the Cleveland Cavaliers and after his failure reached the finals 2 consecutive years being the youngest player to achieve it. He decided to go to The Miami Heat and both won their first 2 championships. After another unsuccessful year in winning the ring he returned to his hometown and his first team Cleveland Cavaliers where he won his third championship.

Then he lost 3 finals against the warriors, which was when he transferred to his third team Los Angeles Lakers where he won his fourth championship.

Lebron James is currently 36 years old and is the only player of that age in NBA history to average 50 points or more.


Joan Aristy, a student who plays basketball at Manhattan College, said “Lebron James is the best player of all time because he has managed to break all NBA records in less time than expected, he says so well that the people who criticize Lebron James is because they are fans of Michael Jordan and that is why they criticize him, because they know that he surpassed their favorite player.”

Michael Jordan  was the best basketball player from 1990 to 1999 where he won 6 championships and 6 MVP as the best player, but outside of basketball he lost many millions because he was addicted to gambling. There were big scandals linking him to the mafia but the NBS protected him from all that so that his image would not be damaged.  Michael retired for a year from the NBA and went to play baseball because that was the sport his father wanted Michael to play since he was a child. Then Michael felt bad because inside he felt the need to play basketball and that everyone missed seeing him play because his game was the best basketball best seen in the entire history of the NBA. After Michael Jordan returned to the NBA after the death of his father is when he wins his championship number 6 which was called the last dance. 

After all Lebron James and Michael Jordan have a different story but people don’t understand that you just look at the records, you will see which one is the best and this is the hero of the King James.