Celebrities as The Voice of Humanitarian Causes


Italo Villanueva

We all love celebrities because of the inspiration they give people. Celebrities are known not just for their wealth but for multiple reasons, they have a special skill in sports, performing arts, music, and many more. When we follow them on instagram we feel like they are our close friends and that we are part of their world and that makes us appreciate celebrities.  Some people think celebrities can play a very important role in our society because of their popularity and influence by becoming the voice of humanitarian causes such as poverty, injustice, education, and many others that positively affect people around the world. 


Many people look at celebrities as a great solution to these problems because of how much attention people give them. Jeferson Blanco, a student at Liberty High School, says, “These celebrities can have a good impact on our society because they are known almost everywhere so people can trust them and work with them easily.” The amount of reach celebrities have in the world is incredible. No matter the limitations of language and different cultures, celebrities bring people together by using their platform. We have many problems all around the world, from weather storms to wars and violence, racism, and simply hatred amongst humans. These problems happening around the world are affecting so many innocent people and the help can come from the celebrities. 

The best stories are the inspirational ones so when people are inspired by a story that touches or moves then in some way they tend to develop comfort. Many celebrities have come from nothing, the lowest low and now they are here, they made it. When they tell their story it moves many people because people can emotionally relate and that is another way of comfort and trust. We want celebrities to help make important decisions because we have trust that they will carry on the message from people who don’t have the opportunity to have a big voice. Glamor magazine states that “9 time celebrities opened up about achieving difficult goals.” It is inspirational because they are showing us that anything is possible by continuing to fight. Many people see celebrities as someone like them through hearing and connecting with their stories. 


Celebrities are already making an impact in the world by doing charity work to better the world. According to the New York State Regents Organization, “Celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Bono, and Scarlet Johanssen have become voices for humanitarian concerns advocating for such diverse issues as educating females financially, supporting women in small businesses and helping refugees and immigrants. It illustrates some examples of issues that were solved by famous people.”  Although everyone can and should help no matter the status, but those with influential status like celebrities can truly make a difference. 

Tanner Tomasi made multiple good points  about the importance of celebrities influencing our society for the greater good. He stated, “Celebrities are pivotal to our growth and equality in this society. They give voice to the unheard and demand change for their fans and people. During the protest for the George Floyd injustice movement, celebrities were really important because some of them, like Nick Cannon, came out to protest for racial equality. His simple action to speak for what he believes in made a big difference for people like me to do the same! Celebrities can uplift their communities.” Tomasi experienced a motivational movement to take action for injustice because Nick Cannon was able to inspire him.


Celebrities are not only good for their money and the lavish lifestyle the media shows us. They are humans facing the same reality and problems, but with their influence and platform they are able to carry more responsibility by helping resolve problems to make the world a better place. Everybody, especially the celebrities should continue the fight for equality.