Thieboudienne – Pleasure


Mamadou Lamine Kane


Thieboudienne is a special Senegalese dish that invaded American, specifically Senegalese American and maybe others. It is the current meal that impacts generations and continues on today. So how did that amazing food progress until now?  


According to Wikipedia “Thieboudienne is a traditional dish from Senegal that is also consumed in Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, and The Gambia. It is the national dish in Senegal.”


Also it is the most wanted food for American Senegalese because it is easy to make. Serigne Diakhate, a student of liberty high school said “ Yes, I love that food is easy to make, I can find the ingredients everywhere, so I very like it”. 


Plus  thieboudienne is very delicious. Awa Sall, a student of liberty high school said “Yes I love that food because eating it reminds me of my hometown and the feeling of being home.”


Moreover, it is very common in Senegalese restaurants  because many people are attracted and it is very popular in that community. Fatou Diop students from liberty high school said “I find it everywhere and I easily fall for it. I think Americans will start eating the same food as the Senegalese.”


Just try to cook, you will love it.

What Ingredients you need to make it?

Step 1: rice 

Step 2: water 

Step 3: guedge smoked dried fish

Step 6: yete fermented snails

Step 8:Peanuts and peanut oil

Step 9:Cassava

Step 10:Broken rice

Step 11:Limes

Step 12: Black-eyed beans.


How to make it?

First, you need to clean the fish. 

Second you need to clean the rice,

Third, you need to clean all that beans you have in the big tramontina. You can take a little oil to put everything together and put it in the fire and wait for like 20 minutes. Then come back to look if the colors are changed or not.

Fourth, if the color is changed you can take out the fish. Put a little water on the beans and wait again 25 minutes after that you can turn off the fire .

Fifth,  you are done and you can put your thieboudienne on the plate and make it nice.