Alia Carrasco

When our hearts break, we fight a war with ourselves that not many manage to win. Having a broken heart is caused by love situations, either due to infidelity, breakups or family death. We all think that having a broken heart is only due to lack of love,  but we can   also have that bitter pain due to the loss of a family member. 

Everyone can suffer from love due to lies because they place all their trust and love in their partners.  The deception of being a couple has become one of the most dangerous situations because losing a love is a very bitter feeling that can lead you to a circle of depression, sleeping a lot, loss of interest, estrangement from family or friends and feeling incapable of everything and it is also a situation that can take you to the brink of death. 

Heartbreak occurs a lot in high school with teenagers or young adults. Santiago Mejia, a high school student said, “Heartbreak is having many repressed feelings where sadness and anxiety are consuming you. You may feel an existential crisis. I also think that being heartbroken arises when you have to deal with loneliness, anxiety and many events that cause heartbreak.” Heartbreak is the immense degree of sadness and anxiety that a person suffers from the breakup of a love relationship. But everyone deserves to get out of that vicious circle to enjoy the things that were considered pleasant in our lives, but first we must accept the pain and the process. You can do new things, like read a book, learn a new language, go for a walk, get closer to your friends and family again. These are things that will help you get over a heartbreak and make you a stronger person.


The symptoms of broken heart syndrome are treatable. Broken heart syndrome usually reverses itself in days or weeks. Broken heart syndrome may also be called:

  • Stress cardiomyopathy
  • Takotsubo cardiomyopathy
  • Apical ballooning syndrome


Many people feel stupidly cheated by their partner’s betrayal, but it’s something we all go through. Going through a heartbreak is one of the experiences that everyone goes through and not everything they manage to overcome but you can be prepared mentally, and that will help you.

Bladimir Baez a high school student said, I recently had a breakup which broke my heart, but it didn’t hurt as much because it was the betrayal I expected. I just told myself no one deserves me to shed tears, I’m worth a lot and I’m a very good human being and that makes me special.”


If you have a broken heart for a person, do not feel insufficient, do not stay stagnant, you are more than you think.