Easy Talk


Paul Ehui Yepie

In New York, immigrants or newcomers are often faced with a common problem: the language. It is difficult to assimilate to other languages when you already use your own, as the pronunciation and the alphabet can be quite different. One big question to ask is how can immigrants easily and quickly learn the language of Uncle Sam?


English, an easy language, is also combined with difficulty, so before answering the question let us look at some difficulties that the learner may go through in their learning process. One common issue that most learners face is the pronunciation of words. Bintou a 12 grade student at Liberty High School announced that “It is weird to imitate or listen to an American speaking, it is like they are not using the same language as us.”


“The double meaning of words,” stated Josa Ferrerras, a 12 grader at liberty high school, which is also one major problem of language not only in English. Many words can mean the same when translated, but using in the other context it is completely different.


Last but not least is the fact that many of us are shy to speak that language; we are scared of making mistakes and most of the time speaking our own native language at home. “I always speak Spanish at home and with most of my friends.” declared Josa.


To answer our question of how to speak the language of Uncle Sam, one solution is to speak a lot.  Mister Judd, an American citizen and teacher and administrator at Liberty High School for Newcomers bases on his experience said, “Talk without stop, don’t be shy or scare just express yourself in that language it maid not be perfect at the moment but you will become familiar at each to time that you speak so this will help you getting better”


Another method is to read anything that you may have, alway having a book, looking for words that you don’t know and use them in your current speech. As explained by Education First “To fight this, get into the habit of carrying around a funky notebook or using a tool like Evernote. Whenever you hear or read a new word or expression, write it down in context: that is, in a sentence and with its meaning noted.” Also this can be a tool for you to avoid confusion and to ask yourself the meaning of the world.


Plus, listening to music, broadcasts, and English videos that matter to you is a great key to assimilate the language without notice. Josa states that “I am alway listening music in english, at first it was confusing but at each time that I repeat the song it become more clear and that help me in the pronunciation and some English notion” 

To sum up, the real difficulty of the language is yourself, learning how to develop efficient skills and better comprehension. Start with the disposability and effort that you decide to put in it, don’t be shy and try to make yourself new limits.