How to Protect Against Delta Variant – Save Your life and Others


Mamadou Traore

Remember that we came just started with the Covid 19 said by experts during their analyses to approve a medicine during this pandemic. Now, we have the DELTA VARIANT. According to U.S News and World Report, this genetic sequence has been declared by their research to calculate an estimation and prevention for this disease.

An expert in the laboratory, Dr Summer Galloway said, they have a team that are constantly reviewing the genetic sequence data looking  for blips.

In many different ways we can determine how we can analyze this new bacteria called ‘DELTA VARIANT.  We need to protect our environment and our society to avoid the spread of the Covid 19.


The first argument is to take vaccine. The vaccine decreased your chance to get Covid 19 because it provides you with the antibodies needed to fight the virus. The more people that have the vaccine, the less likely it is for the virus to spread. If there are large numbers of unvaccinated people, then the variant can spread more easily. The benefits of taking a vaccine give as a consent to feel protected against this virus. The vaccine cannot only reduce your chance to get a serious case of COVID but it can also decrease your friends’ and family’s chances of contracting it. While the vaccine does not totally prevent an individual from getting the virus, it makes it  significantly harder. As members of a community, we not only have the responsibility to protect ourselves but also we should prioritize protecting those around us. Therefore, a responsible citizen would take the vaccine to protect other people.


The second argument is to wear a mask all time. The wearing of the mask is important to save your life and other life because the experts said that mask helps prevent the spread of droplets that leave the mouth when you talk, cough, sneeze, or laugh.  Until the vaccination rate goes up, wearing a mask indoors is necessary  because it significantly decreases the chances of getting the virus.  Therefore, in addition to the vaccine, it is an effective tool for combating the variant.  Wearing a mask is also not just about protecting yourself. This is not just an individual decision because it affects other people. We have a responsibility to make the decision that is least likely to lead to the spread of the virus.