Gun Control


Atika Alam

Gun control is a controversial topic today, with various people having different opinions about it. Some members of society believe that possession of guns and other firearms should be allowed to the public. In contrast, others contravene and believe only security personnel should be in control (Funk, 1999). Gun controls are a sensitive matter in the United States, and unlike other nations, some members are against the legal measures to restrict possession legalized. Therefore, this paper analyses why the government should take charge of the controversial issue of gun control and restrict the bearing of firearms.

Members of the society in approval of the measures to restrict firearms raise the argument that the bearing of arms creates fear and tension in the society (Goss, 2010). In society we live in today, many people engage in conflicts whereby the people in possession of guns may feel at liberty to use them instead of seeking amicable ways of problem-solving. The use of guns to resolve a conflict makes some members of society inferior to others, thus living in fear.

Significant crime rates have been reported due to the increased availability of firearms (Johnson, 2008). With the increased firearms in society, some members have utilized the opportunity to take up crime, for instance, theft and burglary, drugs, and gang violence. The aftermath of the crimes committed is always dire and slows down society’s development.


United States is a multi-racial country with many minority groups ranging from African-Americans, Indians, andHispanics, among others. These members always feel vulnerable to exist in society due to racial discrimination (Cramer, 1994). For example, many African-American have always fallen victim to gun violence and murder cases reported, and the perpetrators always argue to be acting in “self-defense.”

On the other hand, gun control regulation deprives the people the right to own and use firearms which infringe the sense of safety (Goss, 2010). Despite the laws criminals still obtain illegal firearms that can be used to commit crimes and attack civilians. Such crimes would be countered if the civilians had a means of self-defense. Guns procured and licensed for self-defense are mostly used by the owners or their families to cause harm which justifies the significant number of homicides recorded. In most of the homicides recorded by the police, the murder weapon usually is a registered firearm (Funk, 1999). It is a result of the expression of least protective behavior. It, therefore, turns our homes into unsafe habitats due to the proximity of firearms and recurrent homicides. Similarly, according to Pew research, a significant number of citizens felt that regulation of gun control offers too much power to the government (Funk, 1999). That deprives the citizens’ power and creates government tyranny. As a result, democracy and the rights of the people are revoked.

Don’t you want to be safe in the train neighborhood and school? Don’t you want your children to be safe in school? What about your father, mother, sister, brother in the work don’t you want them to come safe and secure? We have freedom to live our life without any fear. We don’t want to live in fear.The government must treat the sensitive matter with the urgency it deserves (Johnson, 2008). However, responsible citizens can use arms for self-defense a regulation such as gun licensing must be actualized. Every citizen needs to live in a safe and a secure environment.