Masks: Annoying But Worthwhile


 Schools officially started on September 13, 2021 for all New York City high school students, but there are still chances for people to get COVID-19. Therefore, in every high school it is required to wear a mask all the time in school buildings for teachers and students. Students and teachers of Liberty High Schools Academy for Newcomers are frustrated by wearing masks all the time although some are feeling suffocated. 

Some people feel uncomfortable, but know the importance of wearing a mask.  “I try to take it off whenever I can, like I take it off outside but I keep it on in the school building as much as I can. My classroom is generally quiet so it doesn’t bother me to hear them or talk with them. Definitely, it’s difficult to breathe. But I’m hoping we will get through this. I’m vaccinated so I am not that worried about getting COVID-19. I don’t like wearing masks but there is obviously some valid reason that we are wearing masks.” said Mr. Jose Segura, the Assistant Principal. 


A student, Fatou Kane said she feels safe wearing a mask in school because it helps prevent COVID. Wearing a mask makes her feel she needs to talk so loud because with a mask it’s hard for teachers to understand the students which is so frustrating. Wearing masks makes her feel so annoyed because she can’t have fresh air. Although she still wears a mask because it’ll help stop COVID spread. 


Another student, Seynabou Diallo states that “I feel safe wearing mask in school but wearing mask all day is so annoying, I feel like I Can’t breathe and it feel like suffocating. Wearing a mask affecting my body because I’m getting a lot of mask acne. When I go home and take off my mask I feel so relieved and free.”


Mr. Peterson, part of Catholic Charities states, “Wearing mask of course helps to prevent COVID-19 But it so uncomfortable to wear all day. I want everyone to get vaccinated to the pandemic ends and we can all breathe freely.” 


The nurse Ms. Tessler Gabrielle feels a sense of security to wear the mask. She says, “When I’m in a small space breathing the same air without any ventilation doesn’t feel great but I feel like it’s better than not wearing any. I hate wearing the mask but I know that it’s a better option and it is safer so I wear it but definitely it makes my skin break out a little bit. As I wear glasses all the time it’s more difficult because it gets foggy.” Like the others interviewed, she also feels better when she gets to take her mask off at home.


Some people are annoyed by wearing a mask in school because it makes them uncomfortable and frustrated while others think wearing mask is so important to prevent COVID spreading. Most agree that wearing a mask is, for most of us, an annoying but worthwhile sacrifice.