New students, How do you feel?


We were new students in Liberty High School and more new students are coming everyday. Every student in any school could have bad experiences about the learning process because many students feel alone for the first time in a new school even though English is their first language. Now, let’s think about new students that do not speak any English words. How do they feel about it? What is their first thought? What would others do to make them feel better? How can students keep good attitudes? 


Every student has their personal problems and they might need a place where they can entertain themselves by exploring new environments and friendships.  How do new students do that if they don’t have any support from anyone? They might be afraid of the advantages and disadvantages of the school such as the school’s rules. Liberty High School is a diverse school, teenagers around the world attend it, they have learned different language, culture, education and attending a new school makes students feel strength.


Many new students have different feelings about their new school. According to Saqueo Guox as a new student in Liberty High School, “ I struggled with everything, all around me was new. My first day was weird and I did not know anyone around me. I was bewildered about everything, my heart was pumping faster because of the nervousness.”


Learning the school rules is not as easy.  Guox also says, “Our school has two stairs, each has its own purpose, but as a new student I did not know what that meant until someone told me. All my courses were different from what I had in my country, especially the new language. Now I realize If it weren’t for my bilingual teachers, I don’t know what would have happened to me.”


Every new student has a different experience than others. Nelson Sis, a student,  said “My first time going to school made no sense for me because I had no idea what my classes were about. I was shivering with fear opening the school’s door and thinking about what was next.” 


Every new student, wherever it goes, has to learn new things. Sis also said “the world made a turn. I couldn’t believe that Liberty High school was a sublime school. Students from many different countries are enthusiastic and all the teachers have a sublime character. Liberty High School made me think about my future, now I am here because I have a goal. I got my knowledge from this school, I’m not afraid anymore because I have learned that everyone has faced challenges in life.”


Getting into school where students don’t have any support, and they might need some guidance for anything about classes because they may be afraid to ask questions which is normal for new students. Here is an example from Norma  Rebollar, a student who said,  “I was in shock at the first time when I saw a text that was written in English, my first thought was how is this possible, could I do this, I said this isn’t for me, I am still learning some Spanish words because there is a high level of Spanish language too and now I have to learn English instead. This is too much for me, I felt alone, but after two weeks of attending school I noticed that I was wrong. I couldn’t see the help that surrounded me anywhere in the school building, but it was there all the time waiting for us. Overtime, I got help from my teachers, catholic charities with any question I had. I thank them for being with us and promoting help.” 


Liberty high school students are immigrants and speak different languages and they have their own accent, but that doesn’t make any difference.They give their best to learn English as their second language, but the fear is on them when they explore a U.S. school. New students feels unable about everything that is new for them, they need support and advices, getting depression is one of the most negative feeling that a new students can feel.