Don’t Spam Me Unless It’s In a Sandwich


Awa Sall

Have you ever felt frustrated because of an unknown number that keeps calling again and again?

Well it has happened to me  for the longest. I can remember the hackers  have been trying to hack into my phone nonstop and let me tell you, it’s frustrating! I have tried to make them go away by blocking them and every time they just get a new number! It makes me more frustrated. It is really annoying that I can not do anything about it. Every time I block them they get a new number and even crazier they call me in the middle of the day when I have school and sometimes I even get a minus for that which is not fair at all.


I wish for our government to create a law that if a person hack into another person’s computer without that permission, I want the government to punish them by putting them in jail for 6 years and give the person he or she they have hacked $600,000.


Those people who call again and again invade people’s privacy.   They’re always ahead of us, they always think of a way to invade your privacy. For example they’re going to call you nonstop which is really annoying . Also they can call or text a link that you might not even think is the hacker but all along it is them behind the curtain looking at  your personal life.


According to Bintou Kone, one of my classmates who have been hacked before on Instagram the hackers hack into her instagram and starting to text her friends saying that if they give her $500 she would give you $1 million, they even have a fake cash app once you send that money they gonna block you you can’t not reach out to them again.  She said” One of my friends call me and tell me about it so I quickly go to my Insta try my username but it didn’t work so I have to call every friend that I know to tell them that the hackers hack into my phone for them not to send the money it was horrible and panincky that the same time they are the reason why I’m never gonna have Instagram again and I’m gonna hate them forever. I hope they get the justice that they deserve.”

According to CNET,  “More than 50 million T-Mobile customers were affected by the hack and about 48 million social security numbers were accessed.”This needs to stop. We can not keep living thinking that we get our privacy hacks people are suffering from. This has to stop! We need to stop it.


The hackers always frustrate us because they don’t have boundaries and it causes people to have a lack of trust  around their technology.  I’m not the only one who suffers from the hackers phone calls of almost everybody.  One of my best friends, Amy Badiane, suffered a lot from the hackers phone call.  So she did the unthinkable thing, she changed the settings on her phone so that if you call her you’re not going to reach her since the hackers it is unbearable.

Amy Aw, a student at Liberty High School,  said “I hate them. Especially because I am one to really value my privacy.  hate them because they make me feel unsafe in a place that I should feel safe.”


After they notice some evidence about the hacks ,  the government should be convinced that the hackers deserve to be put on the spot and their only place is in jail. We should not sit in our home complaining about the hacker. We should do something about it like calling the government or even protesting because this is a serious issue in our society today. It does not only affect me or my friends. If it doesn’t affect you, it must affect someone you know. If we all work together to put away the hackers who clearly try to control our life. Let’s show them we have the power.